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Plasma gasification process

Process Introduction

After high-temperature pyrolysis of hazardous wastes in a plasma gasification furnace, more than 90% of the substances are pyrolysed into combustible gas and enter the secondary combustion chamber. They are combusted at a high temperature of 1100 ℃ - 1200 ℃ for more than 2 seconds, fully decomposing the organic substances and pollutants therein, and only less than 10% of the substances become ash, resulting in extremely low ash loss on ignition. Most of them remain in the gasifier, while a small portion are carried away by the flue gas and enter the subsequent system. They are collected and discharged by equipment at all levels, and then enter the melting furnace proportioning system for processing through the pneumatic conveying system.

Process Principle

Application principle of hazardous waste disposal gasification and melting technology: The principle of pyrolysis gasification is adopted, utilizing the characteristics of plasma such as high temperature, high energy, strong conductivity, and high chemical reactivity, combined with the molecular structure of gas components, to conduct gas phase homogeneous transformation, and control the generation of pollutants from the front end of the treatmen

Technical Advantages

1. Long continuous operation cycle and low maintenance frequency

2. High thermal efficiency utilization, low furnace body heat dissipation, low slag discharge temperature, waste heat recovery and utilization, equipped with steam turbine generator unit for power generation

3. The environmental indicators are lower than the national standards, the secondary combustion chamber does not need to compensate for heat, and there is zero discharge of wastewater

4. Recycling of slag, melting into glass for reuse, and recycling of precious metals

Performance Index

1. Continuous operation duration: over 300 days, maintenance frequency: 1 time/yea


2. High thermal efficiency utilization, steam turbine generator unit power generation can meet 60% of the power consumption of operating equipment


3. Environmental indicators are lower than national standards. The secondary combustion chamber does not need to compensate for thermal energy and can stably maintain operation above 1100 ℃; Minimal wastewater generation and zero discharge; NOx, SO2, HCL, CO, smoke concentration, dioxins, heavy metals, etc. are far below national indicators