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Biological process

Process Introduction


Low concentration odor gas and VOCs waste gas mainly adopt biological purification technology. This process is widely used in composting, landfilling, incineration, leachate lagoons, waste transfer stations, and waste composting in waste treatment processes; The sewage pump station, intake grille, aerated sand settling tank, primary sedimentation tank, and sludge dewatering workshop of the sewage treatment plant.

Process Principle

The main system consists of an air intake system, a spray system, a microbial filler bed, and an intelligent control system. During the treatment process, the exhaust gas is first subjected to spray pre washing and humidification to remove some soluble exhaust gas molecules and particulate dust, while increasing the humidity of the exhaust gas. Then, it enters the biological filler bed and comes into contact with the spray liquid from bottom to top. During this process, the exhaust gas substances are transferred from the gas phase to the liquid phase, which is further degraded and metabolized by microorganisms. At the same time, microorganisms grow and reproduce, and the exhaust gas meets the emission standards.

Technical Advantages

1. Low operating costs

2. Clean treatment process without secondary pollution

3. Moderate operating conditions, normal temperature and pressure

4. PLC fully automatic control, equipped with an operable touch screen, easy to operate and maintain, energy-saving and labor-saving

Performance Index

Efficiency can reach over 90%