Development History


The first plasma hazardous waste disposal experimental project cooperated with a central enterprise nuclear power group converts equipment design drawings into manufacturing drawings and equipment manufacturing

Optimize your own flue gas equipment in combination with plasma equipment


Optimize and improve the system of a central enterprise nuclear power group and start independent research and development of plasma hazardous waste treatment technology


Cooperate with a central enterprise nuclear power group to be responsible for technical transformation of core equipment, installation, debugging, troubleshooting problems, and proposing optimization suggestions


Optimization and Reconstruction (Dongguan Zhongpu Project)

Increase production and transformation in December 2020, from 20T/d to 50T/d


The 120T/d plasma gasification and melting project (Zhongshan Zhongsheng Project) will start construction in September 2021


120T/d Plasma Gasification Melting Furnace Project (Zhongshan Zhongsheng Project): Successful commissioning in December 2022


In June 2019, the elites of the hazardous waste disposal research and development team of a private listed company started their own businesses, and Jiangsu Zhenjin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was established